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Alex Dobson , Engineer, Provo City Power (academic)

“John is a very detail-oriented person as evidenced by his school work. John was always very involved in our MBA program and took the assignments to heart. On a personal level he was great to work with and certainly made class interesting with his questions and insights.”

Arturo Soza , Owner, SozaDesign (business partner)

“There isn’t a more personable, talented and friendly individual to work with, in any project or industry, than John Andersen. John not only understand the intricacies of the business world, but he also has a great heart. I remember him donating a couple of flags for one of our church organization. John is honest, hard […]

Mike Sorensen , Project Manager, Novell (colleague)

“John is an outstanding manager who always has a positive attitude and a go-getter mentality. He’s got great people skills, good business savvy, and is willing to tackle any assignment. John has done some amazing things for our company in the way of test automation and can write a script to solve just about any […]

Bryan Cardoza , Senior Product Manager, Novell, Inc. (colleague)

“I had the opportunity to work with John in a cross-functional innovation-oriented team. We conducted primary customer research using ethnographic techniques and then used our understanding of the customer to create new products and technologies. John was a key contributor throughout the process. John’s customer-focus sets him apart from many software engineers; this is a […]

Cathie Ogden , Sr Software Eng Manager, Novell (colleague)

“I have worked with John for many years and have found him to be a very bright enthusiastic person. John takes pride in the work he does and really pays attention to the details to ensure that what he is working on is of a high quality. John is very good to meet with his […]

Doug Nufer , Manager, Project Office, Novell (colleague)

“It has been over 5 years since I worked with John. However, he still stands out. His integrity and honesty were only matched by his professionalism and determination to do great work under stressful circumstances. I could always count on John to help the team meet our goals. I give him my highest recommendation as […]

Kevin Myrup , Software Engineer, Novell, Inc. (colleague)

“John is a fantastic engineer as well as a key leader in our organization. As team lead of our automation team, he has been instrumental in the success of each member of our team. John has shown time and time again to be a leader that everyone wants to follow. He leads by example, and […]

Aaron Dockter , Software Test Engineer, Novell (colleague)

“John Andersen is a very proficient engineer and a true leader. I have worked closely with him on multiple occasions over the last five years. I have witnessed his sense of leadership, his ability to identify and quickly solve complex problems, and his remarkable ability to communicate, and to coordinate efforts with others. John would […]

Roberto Mello , Software Engineer, Novell (colleague)

“As our team lead John did a terrific job of asking the right questions to keep us on realistic goals. He worked hard with the team and was always eager to learn. He also was a terrific asset in communicating the team’s goals and accomplishments to upper management, and resolving misunderstandings.”

Paul Cannon , Software Engineer, Novell, Inc. (colleague)

“John is a terrific team lead. He was able to weigh different options and make good technical decisions while keeping the trust and camaraderie of his team. He works well with people and is a hard worker himself.”

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