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Frank Morse, Software Test Engineer, Novell, Inc.

Frank Morse, Software Test Engineer, Novell, Inc.

As a manager John was approachable, professional, supportive, encouraging and enjoyable to work for. He was highly missed when he left the team. He always took the time to understand what was needed and acted on it. During yearly meetings I found he always remembered accomplishments that I had forgotten about. John was always trying […]

Ann Marie Miller, Project Manager, Novell (Colleague)

“John is responsible and very competent test manager. He understands the critical role automation plays in quality assurance and is able to keep his team focused in making strides in this area resulting in valuable contributions to overall product quality.”

John Horn, System Test Manager, Novell (Colleague)

“John is extremely professional and always goes above and beyond on any task he has. As a Manager I have found John to be extremely organized and in tune with his team. He strives to work closely with his team to ensure they understand what is expected of them and to provide pertinent and timely […]

Steve Faber, Global Technical Support Product Interface, Novell, Inc. (colleague)

Steve Faber, Global Technical Support Product Interface, Novell, Inc. (colleague)

“John is a careful and thoughtful decision maker who understands the development and testing process. John is keenly interested in improving processes to increase customer satisfaction and has demonstrated this through successful implementation of the ZENworks CustomerOne project. I highly recommend John and the quality work he performs.”

Daniel Hopkins, Software Automation Engineer, Novell (colleague)

Daniel Hopkins, Software Automation Engineer, Novell (colleague)

“John is a wonderful person to work with. He is a great leader and manager. He not only empowered me to do my job well but pushed me to improve. Additionally, he is highly skilled technically and could easily fill the roles he manages, which is not always the case. In summary, John has the […]

Jason Blackett, Product Manager, Novell (colleague)

“John is a great manager to interact with. He is always on top of his responsibilities and I feel confident he would make an excellent engineering manager. He has a good understanding of the development process as well as testing which always makes managing developers much easier. He’d do very well.”

Ron Seamons , Senior Systems Analyst, SirsiDynix, Inc. (academic)

“John is a very hard worker. He is detail oriented and has a great work ethic. He can be relied upon that when he accepts an assignment he follows through and finishes the work. He has good technical skills and makes sure that his work is professional. John makes great presentations that look polished and […]

Rodrigo Ribeiro , member, LDS Church (colleague)

“I worked with John in Brazil in our first adult years. John always showed an unusual maturity and commitment to the tasks he was assigned to. Recently, I met him and I found that his attributes had led him into a successful professional career and personal life.”

Christopher Shawcroft , Student, Utah State University (academic)

“John was an excellent classmate. He had great repore with all of the students in the class and his hard work and excellent insight always made the class more interesting. Anyone who grouped with him to work on a project knew that they would be getting a strong effort and a lot of talent. I […]

Jon Barclay , IT Manager, Utah Valley University (academic)

“John exhibits a strong intellectual curiosity as well as a drive to tackle even the toughest subjects. These two qualities led him to excel in our graduate program. As a student he brought a wealth of experiences to share and relate to the topics being discussed. He also enriched our class discussions by asking insightful […]

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