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OpenID Basics – Getting Going

OpenID Basics – Getting Going

I have been spending the past day working with OpenID an getting it to work on a couple of different portals/web applications. OpenID works really well and I highly recommend it as an alternative method of authentication. In order to get started accepting OpenID credentials in your authentication model, or even to get started using […]

Javascript hack advQuery()

Just today I came across a javascript hack that was sending information for website users to a third party location. The way I found this out – other than getting malware notices from Google, was to do a wireshark trace on the offending website. From there I saw some interesting requests. Upon closer inspection, I […]

Nothing like Paper – CSS for Print

Many of us have websites that look great on the computer monitor, yet wreak havoc on printers. CSS has a great way to make your content more printer friendly when it is needed. Take the following CSS code for example: <style type=”text/css”> @media print { #menubar, #navbar, #searchbar {display: none;} #wrap, #content, #comments {width: 100%; […]

Using Python Property() Features

I was looking around and ran across the python builtin function property(). In other programming languages we are used to making things public/private and using getters/setters. In python this is not the usual way of doing things, you just set an attribute directly. We also try to use underscores to denote that an attribute should […]

Debugging Javascript

I have always used Firebug (a firefox extension) to debug my javascript applications.  However, it appears that the Dojo 1.0.x libraries load javascript via AJAX mechanisms.  Firebug does not support the debugging of JavaScript that is loaded via AJAX. Luckily there is a workaround.   There is another firefox extension by the name of fireclipse […]

Remote Debugging with PHP

A few years ago I found a way to do remote debugging with Komodo and XDebug. However, my latest efforts to repeat that have been futile. I decided to go down a different route this time and try it with EasyEclipse for PHP. NOTE: for this entry I am using WAMP5 on my local machine. […]

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